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About AbokiPay: AbokiPay Digital Profit Share is Powered by AbokiPay Digital.


WHAT IS ABOKIPAY DIGITAL PROFIT SHARE? This is a powerful PROFIT SHARING System from our Advertisement, Trading system with earning opportunity for anyone who is interested in subscribing to our PROFIT SHARING system, legitimately, and ultimately cashout.

All PROFITS paid on your subscription plans are designed and derived from our Advertising Profits and Tradings.

You can absolutely cash it out at anytime.

You could earn 10% returns including 10% Referral Earning in 2 weeks (15 days) and a continuous 10% bonus earning on subscriber recruitment. 

We have 3 options for you to be part of AbokiPay Digital Profit Share project as follows. 

1. You can subscribe safely with us to earn profit in 15 days (2 weeks) from our digital Ads and trading. 

2. You can also leverage on our affiliate network system to earn up to 10% bonus per referral (Optional). 

3. You can SPIN the WHEEL of LUCK to win ₦10,000 instantly credited to you and you can cash it out the same day. 

The SPIN of LUCK WHEEL is the GAME of Luck you can try out to win while you keep earning with our legitimate awesome PROFIT SHARING system and cashout to your Nigerian Bank Account at any time.

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We SHARE Profits With You

We SHARE Our PROFITS ranging from Core Legit Business Advertising Trading with you with low Profit rates; legit. | Subscribe safely, earn more profit + referral bonus of 10% on every subscriber subscription

Cash Out & Get Paid in 24hrs

Cashout your Earnings + Referral Earnings at anytime. Get Paid in 24hrs to your Bank Account. Same Day. No stories.

Get started with AbokiPay Digital Profit Share, join thousands of Nigerians who are benefiting from our Legitimate Digital Profit Sharing System To Cashout Anytime.


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We are a trade agency. All of your investments are safe to us.

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