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Frequently Asked Questions All Answered

AbokiPay Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How Can I Register with AbokiPay and Make Money with AbokiPay Digital Profit Share and Start Cashing Out?

To register with AbokiPay, you will need to get your preferred subscription Voucher code through any of our Distributors. This Voucher Code will enable you to register and subscribe on the platform before you can participate in our Profit Sharing system.

Once you register, you can then login to your account daily to earn a profit from our Advertising Business while you see or indulge in our trading forecast on how we profit in paying you if you wish.

Be informed that it's important for you to log in to your account daily as a subscriber in order to earn and avoid losing profit.

Click Here to Purchase a VOUCHER CODE from our DISTRIBUTORS

How & When Can I Cashout My Earnings To My BANK Account?

You earn daily as you log in to your account. You can cash out at any time you wish and your earnings will be credited to your bank account within a few hours to 24 hours maximum. You can also cash out your REFERRAL EARNING Balance at anytime and it would also be credited to your Bank Account at any time.

Note that you will be charged for service fee anytime you raise cashout, so to avoid you losing your profit to the service fee, you can choose to raise cashout when necessary and when you have accumulated more money in your available balance.

How Does the Game of SPIN WHEEL Works For Me To Win ₦10,000?

The GAME OF SPIN WHEEL is a game where you get to try your luck to win ₦10,000 with as little as ₦100.

You click on SPIN & Win ₦10K from your account dashboard.

Turn on the SPIN WHEEL by selecting the POWER SPEED of the SPIN WHEEL you want.

Click on SPIN to try your luck to win ₦10,000

If you win, you would be instantly credited to your MAIN BALANCE which you can cash out to your Bank the same day and INSTANTLY CREDITED.

Note that you will be charged ₦100 for every SPIN you SPIN the WHEEL at anytime you decide to play the SPIN of WHEEL GAME by trying your luck from your MAIN BALANCE.


Is REFERRAL Compulsory For You To Get Paid with AbokiPay and How Does the REFERRAL STRUCTURE Works with AbokiPay Profit Share?

NO! REFERRAL IS NOT COMPULSORY. Though, we are a platform that believes in the law of REFERRING. At some point when you enjoy our platform on how the CASHOUT is systematically done. Our transparency, our integrity which we hold in high esteem, we think its more fair when you REFER at least 1 person every 15days. Though REFERRAL IS NOT COMPULSORY. But you would be depriving yourself to Earn extra REFERRAL Commission of 10% to your REFERRAL EARNING BALANCE which you can cash out the same day. No time-wasting. Refer more Persons using your PAYMENT Proofs or Payment proof of others.



Can I Upgrade or Downgrade My Subscription?

YES! Absolutely. You can choose to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time you wish. You just need to purchase the voucher code you wish to upgrade to and use it to change your plan. Note that anytime you upgrade or downgrade, your current Subscription plan will still be active pending when it expires to continue to give you profits.  As a 2 weeks profit-generating system, we will pay you daily as long as you log in to your AbokiPay account within 15 days (2 weeks) including your subscription capital and profit.

After the 15 days, your subsequent daily profits when you login to your account will be in your Main Balance which you can cash out to your Bank or you can use to also play the SPIN WHEEL of luck game to win more cash of ₦10,000 per winning. If you wish, you can re-subscribe by purchasing another VOUCHER CODE to earn another profit in your Main Wallet available balance by purchasing a new voucher code to renew your subscription plan or upgrade. Please also read our terms of service before you subscribe.


Can I buy AIRTIME and Send SMS to any Nigerian Phone Number with my AbokiPay Account?

YES! Absolutely. You can send SMS to any Nigerian Phone number instantly from your Main Balance. You can also BUY Airtime to any Mobile network in Nigeria through your Main balance. All these are more than ways AbokiPay Profit Share touches lives in the very best way possible for everyone.

How Do I CONTACT AbokiPay?

We would be glad to hear from you. We respond to your issues regarding our platform on time. Simply click here to Contact Us.

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