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Dear AbokiPay Subscribers!

Dear AbokiPay Subscribers!

This is an important update announcement as you need to READ every single word of this update for clarity sake.

Over the last month since we launched. We have experienced tremendous heartfelt acceptance ranging from all products we launched under the brands of legitimate businesses we have tried.

In life, you learn from mistakes.

They're certain and bound to happen. We gather these experiences and put them together to ensure they do not ONLY happen again but also see to it that we make out the best from every opportunity our hands find to do.

We are trusted, held in high esteem by thousands of Smart earners who have relied on our products and services to continuously earn on our myriads of platforms legitimately.

We are not only known to be transparent, but honest in all our dealings and we are highly respected to be the go-to source pertaining to earning money online legitimately with Fast Payout - you can bank on that.

No one is above mistakes. Every brand that has stood the test of time has one way or the other indulged in one mistake or thereabout.

What matters is accepting that a mistake has been done, correcting them, lastly moving forward. We've made a mistake with the AbokiPay platform.

“The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.” ― Theodore Roosevelt.

Today, 3rd September, 2020. We want to inform you that the AbokiPay Profit Share Platform is no longer sustainable, is no longer fit to continue to operate in earning from our Trades and Advertising profits which we have relied upon to pay Members.


For the last 1 Month. During the inception of the AbokiPay Profit Share platform. We experienced a sweet sensation of profits making using funds subscribed by our Members.

We made profits from trading on Forex, Made profits from Advertising Earnings which are used to pay our Members daily - every single day. YES.

This was a smart answer to members who feel they can make little profits within 15days on our platform as we earn legitimately using subscribed funds.

During the course of this adventure on the AbokiPay Profit Share Platform.

ABOKIPAY platform has NOT been profitable.

As a platform that is not a High Yield investment profit platform (hyip), we use profits earned from trading and advertising to pay Members continuously.


  1. As of today, 4th SEPTEMBER, 2020 we have touched over 2000 lives and counting by giving them hope to earn legitimately.

  2. We have paid out a total of ₦9million Naira to our teaming Members with thousands of Payment Alerts

  3. Please go here ==>> https://abokipay.ng/testimonials  to see awesome testimonials from our paid members

  4. We are trusted by thousands of Smart Earners who believe solely in our vision endlessly.

  5. Impressive FAST PAYOUTS - We even beat our record timing of paying in less than 24hours to our Members with instant BANK Payment Alerts.

  6. We are transparent in all our dealings.

  7. We're a brand for anyone to reckon with.

Reason Why AbokiPay Profit Share Can No Longer Continue To Operate and Sustainable.

  1. Subscribed Funds that are used to generate profit are not re-invested by Members thereby causing a huge drawback in the CAPITAL BASE of our tradings, which reduces the profits to make to pay other members. This is because when we use MEMBER  A subscription fee to generate 10% of such capital base, we realize that during the CASHOUT for us to continue on such LOT SIZE during trade affects us which returns a low or zero profit margin.

  2. Depletion of revenue (Propeller Ads) from our Advertising Revenue which is also used to pay Members huge profits for continuity.

  3. We have not been making substantial progress, profits.

  4. Huge constraints on our staff base work tirelessly round the clock with little or no pay to them just because we want to ensure we use the little resource left every single day to maintain profitability, sustainability.

  5. Huge CASHOUTS which is unequal with the Profits made on the AbokiPay Trading and Ads.

  6. We cannot use PETER to Pay Pay, instead of such a gimmick, we'll have to shut the business down since it is not going to be a sustainable income profitability.

  7. Little profits margin to sustain the platform from Trading and Advertising, staff strength, and huge demands by our staff base to discontinue due to our inability to cater for their welfare.

  8. Delay in remittance of sales of VOUCHERS from VENDORS which hinders the timeline given to earn profits through trading to pay members.

  9. AbokiPay has never for once been a profitable business model. Despite the fact that we generate a continuous stream of Income flow which is not enough for our Members.

THINGS TO NOTE About AbokiPay Profit Share Discontinuity.

  1. The AbokiPay website would continue to run and load normally without disruption.

  2. You'll only be unable to register new accounts on the AbokiPay Platform.

  3. Everyone, I repeat, every single registrant, a subscriber to the AbokiPay Profit Share platform would be paid. This is our PROMISE.

  4. We are not a 'hide and seek' platform that wants to go on 'exile' with members' funds, we'll never do that.

  5. We have paid out Members up to ₦9million naira with profits earned on the AbokiPay ecosystem.

  6. AbokiPay Profit Share Members  funds are secured, safe. WE REPEAT, YOUR FUNDS ARE SECURED, SAFE with ABOKIPAY and would be PAID. We repeat it again, WE REPEAT, YOUR FUNDS ARE SECURED, SAFE with ABOKIPAY and would be PAID.

  7. We want to focus on increasing our support strength and capability to handle more profitable businesses (legitimate) in the future.

  8. Our SUPPORT service on EMAIL, WHATSAPP, and CALLS would continue to function and operate normally.

  9. Users would not be able to register an account or subscribe to new Subscriptions on their Account.

  10. Even if your account expires, You need to CASHOUT once it expires, then expect to be paid.

  11. We need enough time to trade with funds and earn profits with it to pay members with the little current operating balance with us.


  13. Even those who registered and joined yesterday, 03/09/2020, being the last day we accept new subscriptions and new registrations would cash out.

  14. Just make sure you are able to place a CASHOUT REQUEST.

  15. Our other sister brands and platforms would continue to run and operate normally without disruption.

  16. Our staff base on the AbokiPay platform would have to be disengaged and their salaries, wages paid on or before November 14th, 2020


  1. Place a CASHOUT Request at any given time you log in to your AbokiPay Profit Share Account.

  2. Once you request CASHOUT, we may review your CASHOUT and reverse, so you can also look out for your CASHOUT if it was reversed so you cash it out again.

  3. EXPECT TO GET PAID on or before November 14th, 2020

This means every single Member on the AbokiPay platform would be getting their CASHOUTS paid in a series of batches and must be completed, completely paid on or before NOVEMBER 14th, 2020. This is because we need to earn enough profits to clear out the debts piled up for us to pay Members from trading.


  1. Every transparent platform would communicate to their Members always and easily.

  2. A transparent platform would communicate reasons for their closure for the operation of the business.

  3. Your profits earned on the AbokiPay platform would still be paid to you on or before November 14th, 2020, so you have nothing to fear, worry about.

  4. Those who placed CASHOUT REQUEST and the status of their CASHOUT has turned to COMPLETED should kindly note that their CASHOUT has been submitted to the BANK and waiting to be paid. They should expect a payout in the next 24 to 48hours.

  5. You do not need to contact us regarding ending CASHOUT, ask us when you will be paid or complain about pending payments as we have scheduled all payouts and requests and those who would place CASHOUT requests later after 2 weeks to be paid on or before NOVEMBER 14TH, 2020


All pending CASHOUTS would be paid, completed in phases until we pay the very last CASHOUT requests on or until  NOVEMBER 14TH, 2020. This means some Members would get Payment ALERTS until the very day the last date of payment is completed on or until  NOVEMBER 14TH, 2020.

We want to thank every one of our Subscribers on the AbokiPay Profit SHARE Platform for their commitment and we promise, we do not take them for granted.

Thank you all once again. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for always trusting us.


The AbokiPay Team